Who are we?


Jennifer Orton is the director of Our Next.  She is a wife and a mother of 3 boys (2 of which are in the US and 1 in Kenya).  When she is not in Kisumu sharing the love of Jesus she is a realtor in Middle Tennessee.  God gave her, several years, ago this vision that she will become a Realtor so she can do this mission ministry full time.  Serving is something she takes great joy in so whether its helping her clients find the perfect home or giving the kids of Manna their porridge for the day it's all for the Kingdom impact; he put her on this journey!  Jennifer has a huge passion for the land that she calls her second home - Kisumu, Kenya.  Over the years, those little faces at Manna Academy melted her heart every time she stepped foot on their soil, and she hears those little voices call her 'JENN' or some 'MOMMA MANNA'.  Jennifer believes that when you are feeling that stir in your heart or God places that word GO in your mind, that YOU SHOULD FOLLOW!  Jennifer is all about sharing these experiences with those on her teams, and she loves to see God work in those individuals, on the trips, as well as when they get back into the US.  She encourages and knows that God has a NEXT for everyone .......... what will it be.......OBEY HIM and GO!  




Over the past few years we have taken all ages of individuals to Kenya read how their lives have been changed.......



Kenya is my 2nd home.  The orphans, widows, teachers and leaders of Manna Academy are my family.  When you arrive in Nairobi and Kisumu city there is a mix of good and evil lurking in the midst, really not much different than many places in America except the oppression, poverty and rough places that the majority of the folks live in weighs on one's heart.  I never dreamed I would forge bonds not only with the missionary team we go with but also the folks we are going to be with.  Reality is the children, staff, teachers and widows minister to me and my soul more than I ever expected.  We go to bring the love of God to them, yet they exceed our ability to do so with the love they bring to us.~ Mark

Kenya is unlike any place I’ve ever been. There’s so much brokenness, yet so much love at the same time. There’s sadness, yet so much joy in the people. Its a place where being a light of God is greatly needed, and where you can step out of your comfort zone and simply listen to God’s calling. Being in a place like Kenya opens your eyes up to the kind of life that you only ever hear about and the kind of life we’ll never have to experience because we have so much. It makes you realize how blessed we truly are, and it gives you a new understanding of the world. Kenya is a place that makes you want to love others with your whole heart no matter where you are. You go to Kenya hoping you will change the lives of others, but you also come back being truly life changed.  ~Leah  


When I first went to Kenya I did not know what to expect. I had been told that the students at the school were mostly orphans and were lacking in most everything. Imagine what a surprise we received when we walked into the school compound and we were greeted by all of the students singing to us. What a joyful sound! What I discovered was no matter the circumstances there was always joy. Over the years I have seen the school expand, new classrooms, running water, fresh vegetables and healthier children. I am so blessed every time I am able to go and serve. It brings me great joy. ~Juanita


 Corinthians 16:14: "Do everything in love."