What do we do while in country?

   We typically lead smaller groups, usually 15 individuals or less.  As a ministry that strive in relationship building we believe that in small groups we are able to serve and love on those God called us to easier.  If you would like more information please email us at info@ournext.org.
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Wanting to know what to expect while in country?  One thing is for sure your life will be forever changed!  Once we touch foot in Kisumu, Kenya lives instantly start to change.  In the blazing warm sun we are greeted by the Manna Ministry team and right away feel at home and like family.  Our Next supports Manna Academy of around 370 students.  We love to spend time with them teaching them about Jesus, showering them with love and crafty activities are just to name a few things we do.  Oh and don't forget the fun field day of activities and bubbles, they love bubbles.  Building relationships are very important to us and in the culture there many because of their past are disowned by the community.  As Christians we believe orphans, widows, and imprison are never to be forgotten. 

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Not only is primary school a priority for our ministry but so is secondary school.  In Kenya, it is a blessing and a God given gift to go onto ....what is here in the states called high school.  Our Next annually holds a Golf Tournament to raise funds to help students from Manna Academy to continue their education.  It is $1,090 for a student per year to go to secondary school.  Because the students at Manna are primarily orphans to have those funds annually is a challenge.  We partner with those who have the same passion to see these future leaders of Kenya to continue their education.                
Won't you join us?

Each year we get precious time with several widows in their homes to share some words of encouragement and pray with them.  Many of the widows we visit have children that go to Manna Academy, so we also get to see where they live. 
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he opportunity to learn a trade or skill is something that Our Next is striving for in the Village of Kisumu.  Manna Ministry runs a Sewing/Tailoring School where girls can come in and learn the trait of sewing.  They are fed and the local pastors do teachings from the bible and show them that Jesus is love and his love is redemption.  Not only do these girls receive education but they are also receiving the Gospel.   
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 Another trade people can learn locally there is computer/technology.  This will then offer them the opportunity to search for a job.  Manna Computer lab is ran by Manna ministries as well.  If you are looking to support either the Sewing school or Computer PLEASE contact us immediately as there is an IMMEDIATE NEED here!!!  Thank you!